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think differently

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We’ve been making programmes people want to watch and helping creative media organisations develop and grow for many years. Now we use that experience to provide mentoring networks, filmmaking skills and consultancy services for companies and individuals working across the creative industries.

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Practical support
for the creative process

Creative industries are, unsurprisingly, creative by their nature. They need great creative talent in place at every level if they’re to reach their full potential.

A thousand creative voices are competing to be heard every second of every day, on social media platforms and in commissioning departments, in rehearsal rooms, offices, coffee shops and inboxes. Being the best – even working out what ‘the best’ actually is – can be daunting. That’s why we set up Under The Moon - to help creative people and organisations flourish and to broaden diversity so they can make fantastic content, build amazing careers and better reflect the audiences they serve.

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Expert production knowledge

Under The Moon creative director Ruth Pitt has held numerous senior production and leadership positions in the media industry and understands the pressures facing creative individuals and organisations as they strive to achieve excellence.

  • We produce brilliant content in challenging circumstances
  • We maximise opportunities for talent to shine
  • We devise good strategies for creative development and business growth
  • We maintain and build on hard-won creative reputations
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