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28th May 2020

Lockdown: Finding the good in all this…

Like everyone else, here at Under The Moon our working and personal lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined even six months ago. I guess you’ll all know what I mean when I say there are good days and bad days too. The trick is to weather the bad and make the very best of the good. The sun is shining and Spring has been remarkable. Birds and wild animals are claiming back some of the space previously invaded by humans. The sky is clearer than it’s ever been and many of us are thinking deeply about the true purpose and value of our lives, loves and relationships.

Every day there are tragedies being visited on families across the UK, and every day there are stories of recovery and courage too.  In our working lives there are similar parallels, as we struggle to work at home, work online, work at all – but simultaneously celebrate having more time with our kids and the space to clear out the attic after all these years.

The creative mentoring networks we provide at Under The Moon are, I hope, helping people to stay connected and feel supported. Mentoring sessions are ideally suited to online communication and many of our mentors are continuing to make themselves available for conversations with mentees, who are often going through tough times as production grinds to a halt.

The Under The Moon team is working entirely remotely but we’re still here and still happy to hear from you any time. We have held online training sessions, briefings and planning meetings in the last few weeks, so there’s very little we can’t do that we did before. We are currently developing three new mentor networks and our consultancy portfolio continues as normal, so please give us a shout if you need anything and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Stay safe and well – this will pass eventually and we will have one hell of a party when it does.

Ruth, Susie and Laura



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