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What we do

Working together since 2014, Under The Moon’s team Ruth and Susie bring enormous experience in television production, journalism, digital media strategy and event planning to the challenge of helping all sorts of creative companies and individuals build careers, produce fantastic content and performances, get the best from people and also deliver compelling live events

These are the services we offer:

  • Bespoke and structured mentoring networks
  • Executive producing for factual television
  • Chairing, production and leadership for conferences, festivals and other events
  • Improving diversity across the creative industries
  • Media consultancy for terrestrial and digital media
  • Online video production for the creative, public and charitable sectors
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Our mentoring process

We don’t just match people. We design and run cost-effective bespoke mentoring programmes with training sessions, clear objectives and regular monitoring, ensuring that both mentor and mentee achieve good outcomes.



We match experienced individuals in creative companies (mentors) with talented people (mentees) who are keen to take their careers to the next level



We teach both groups how to make the best of their partnership using our simple trademarked document The Deal



We monitor progress to ensure relationships are consolidated and new opportunities opened up so that everyone gains

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How mentoring makes a difference

We believe in level playing fields. We think there are many different ways to say the same thing. More than anything else we believe that all sorts of people have a right to be heard. But all of us need guidance, support, encouragement – and some people get a lot more of that than others.

Mentoring brings out the very best in creative people. It links up experience with enthusiasm and knowledge with curiosity. We call it nature’s way of enhancing your career – and the only money that changes hands is the modest fee you pay us to set up and run our structured, carefully monitored mentoring networks. Once a network of mentees is established it develops its own momentum. People feel loyal to the organisation that is supporting them. They get to know one another as well as their mentors. They make contacts, get jobs, employ one another. Everybody gains.

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